This is basically the best massage in town. I used to be a massage therapist, and I have to say that these guys know what they are doing. There is a great combo of anatomy knowledge and slow, deep work. I had a few session a couple weeks after knee surgery, and OMG, I could not believe how much it helped! If you are injured or just want a great massage, this is the place to go…

~ Sean R.

I injured my shoulder 12 months ago. After suffering with pain for 4 months I got an MRI and 2 surgical consultations from prominent surgeons. I was advised that I had a labrum tear and a 50% tear of the biceps tendon – my prognosis was 6 weeks immobilization plus many months of physical therapy after expensive surgery. Colin was referred to me by my dental partner. After 4 months of deep tissue massage I am now pain free and 100% rehabilitated. I was skeptical that any non-surgical therapy would work, but Colin fixed my shoulder! I am truly thankful.

~ Jane S.

After years of my lower back consistently going out, I took my chiropractor’s advice and began working with Colin. He successfully and completely alleviated this problem. His work in the office is phenomenal. And what I enjoyed most were the instructions on exercises and self massage he would offer to me do between our sessions, allowing me to relax overused muscles and increase the strength in under-used muscles. I am thrilled to be hiking, biking, skiing and any form of exercise I choose to do, once again, because of Colin’s work.

~ Melody S.

Colin is, hands down, the best massage therapist in town. I had been living with the residual pain from several sports injuries to my knee and hips for over 15 years and Colin is the only therapist – massage and physical therapist alike – who has been able to help (I have seen many over the years). I was at the point where going for an light hike was not even possible, but within the first few sessions of myofascial release work not only had the everyday pain subsided but my body has actually been able to heal itself from some of the damage done. For anyone with knee injuries – being able to simply walk up and down stairs without shooting pains is a very big deal. I no longer have this pain because Colin was able to gently release muscle tissue that has been bound up for years, allowing my muscles and ligaments to work as they should, rather than compensating incorrectly and leading to further misalignment. Colin a gifted massage therapist, has incredible character, and runs his business with a high level of professionalism and integrity. I will always be a DTMC client.

~ Rebecca E.

Colin is the most amazing massage professional I could imagine. After several back surgeries that left me in a lot of pain, it was Colin and his expertise with the body, muscles, etc., that brought healing and confidence to me. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I could not live without him!

~ Joyce L.

I had injuries that kept me in pain for years. After several sessions I am pain free and able to enjoy my daily life again! I highly recommend the Deep Tissue Massage Center–it’s the best place I’ve found. Colin’s knowledge of anatomy of the body is apparent as soon as he places his hands on you. He listens, responds, and understands what the client needs. His work is of the highest caliber, and he is a man of great integrity. I will be a client for life!

~ Geri R.

I had a complete ACL replacement last year, and I was having trouble with the healing process. I was attending physical therapy twice a week for over six weeks with little improvement. Then I was referred to Colin by a colleague , and he changed my life completely! After seeing Colin, he continued to find new ways to restore my knee’s range of motion. I highly recommend him for both Sports Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage. He has given me my confidence back, and now I am able to run and play sports again!

~ Hiroko K.

I have advanced osteoarthritis from a severe right knee injury I suffered in a car crash 23 years ago. Just before this Halloween, the debris in my knee and tears in my meniscus had become so bad that I could not completely straighten my leg. The pain was constant and debilitating. After limping badly for about six weeks between the onset and a debridement surgery, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in and around my knee were cramped and extremely painful. Although the surgery successfully cleaned out my knee joint, I could not even begin to walk normally. So, I called Colin. With several appointments over two weeks time, Colin was able to loosen up my knee so that I could actively engage in physical therapy. Today, one month post-surgery, my knee feels better than it has in years. I strongly believe that without Colin’s help, I would still be limping around, unhappy with the results of my surgery and struggling to resume my daily life activities.

~ James C.

I’ve been everywhere in SB for massages – Avia, Camille, the Biltmore, Bacara, Zenspa, Mishay…even a few private in-home deep/sport massage therapists – each place has its own pros and cons…but when you are looking for therapeutic work, this is the place to go. I’ve used DTMC for acute injury/problems as well as maintenance work, and it’s the one place I’m sure to return to every 6 weeks or so. Through Colin’s encyclopedic knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy, he treats the body as an entire system, rather than isolated elements.

~ Dax G.